Monday, November 10, 2008

Violence !!!

(Above : NOT an advert for Adidas)

Yes my faint mustached friends ! That's the word o' the day !!!!

It's everywhere ! It's in the streets ... it's in the 'homes' ... it's in lives .. the news-fuckin-papers .. the 24-hr-freakin-channels ... in ur office (: refer to fight club) ... it's in ur dustbin or in the person standing next to you's pants ... it's EVERYWHERE !!!!

Now how did I come about this word ?

Well I was listening quietly to Violence by Anathema ... wen i thot abt googling / youtubin (if that's the word they're using for it nowadays). For a nice rendition of the video .. click here or here.

Anyhow ... i definitely agree ... it's everwhere !!! From the marketplace (I work in the soft drinks' imdustry) to osama-bin's o' the world.

And then I thot ...
Why can't we just ...
1. Bring peace in our hearts etc. etc. and get it over with ?
2. Just kill each other and get it over with ?

While the first one may look highly utopian .. it is highly impractical. On the other hand, the other one seems highly do-able (ask osama for roadmap) but highly un-utopian.

The middle way .. is to ignore .. pack ur lunchbox (if u have such luxuries) ... go to work .. come back and sleep and hope not to be blown away by a dustbin or a cloud for a stupid misconception.

No Matter what ! I think everyone's gonna enjoy the following ... (Parental advisory ... well advised)

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