Friday, September 22, 2006

Flight of ecstacy

That's how my first flight was :)

not because of the service ... Turkish airlines service is really crappy and the cabin crew is pathetic. It was because of the thrill of being 10,400 m in the air and cruising at 840 km/h !!!

The take off is the best part of the whole experience. You're sitting nicely in your seat when all of a sudden there's this huge force and u start accelerating ... 50km/h ... 100 km/h ... 300 km/h ... and then just take off !! All of that just in some 10-15 seconds !!! Fast cars are a fantasy of the past now for me. It's the skies now that I wanna zoom in !

After climbing to around 10,000 meters it's just a completely different world up there. Walking around in some serene landscape with waterfalls and streams and lush greenery etc. etc. like they show in wall paintings is one thing. Zooming around in mammoth but so still as those wall sceneries is something completely different. It's a very humbling experience of sorts as well. Each cloud is a gigantic island in themselves ... yet they float so calmly over the skies.

I dunno about someone else ... but i thought they were very beautiful !

Here's some pictures as taken from my window :)

feels like you can just walk on them :)

flying into the sunset

Thursday, September 14, 2006

My new phone :)

Due to the sad demise of my previous, Nokia 1100, I have just purchased a new Motorola L6. The 1100 was washed and rinsed thoroughly in the washing machine as someone forgot to take it out of the pocket before putting the shorts in for washing.

But thanx to that .. I have this beauty now :)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

T minus 16 days and counting

Counting very fast at that !

Now that I've come back home from college, I feel as clueless as Alice in Wonderland.

I have this danting feeling that I have to do a lot .. but just don't know what !

I know I'm leaving in 16 days ... But I haven't even made a single checklist till now. It wouldn't have been too much of a problem if I was just going down to Ooty. But this is Poland ! And I'm staying there for 90 days exactly ! I think I should start making atleast a rough list rather than sitting on the net and typing away arbit stuff... But then that wouldn't be even half the fun :)

I have finally decided to not travel to the schengen countries. There are a few reasons for it but money being the main one. I just don't wanna spend more than 50k travelling for just 10 days in Europe. For my mind it just doesn't make sense that I'm taking so much money from my folks just for travelling and that too just 10 days. I think I can make that trip later as well.

But that doesn't mean that I won't travel at all ! Surely I'll travel to every nook and corner that Poland has to offer. And then I'll go skiing and mountain climbing :)

I really don't know the kind of people that are coming with me to Poland. One seems spaced out, one seems too serious and one I just don't know. I'm sure they're all pretty nice people ... But I just don't know. And they're nice doesn't mean we'll gel.

All said and done, there's one reason that's really holding me back from going. I just don't feel like leaving when some people are here. (It's crappy)

But nonetheless, the countdown has begun ... :)
I think i'll start making a list now :)

End of a term – beginning of an era

I’m not trying to sound very dramatic and profound here. I’m just stating what I feel.

The fourth term ended two days ago. My second… fourth term. But it was more than just that for me. So much has happened now that it’s just impossible to put in here and merely undermine it. Beginning of an era would just be mildly putting it.

I don’t wanna count my chickens before they hatch so I won’t say anymore. But all I wanna say is that I’m glad that I did it again.