Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Create a new post ... c'mon ... I dare ya to !

That's a question that blogspot poses me everytime single damn time i log in ...

It tells me ... It prods me ... It fingers me (*(A rating)) ... It bugs me ... It says ...

"C'mon darlin' ......... create a new post .......... I dare ya to !"

And then, just like a game's HUD (Head's up display), just like the spinning wheel ("Mein hoon samay" ... from the acclaimed thriller titled mahabharata !) ... it show me the stats ... "Thou haven't blogged in a Year ! Thou shalt suffer from in-competency ... and similar such 'in' prefixed curses ! )

Anywhow, I went back to Delhi ... 2 Highlights !

1. Met up with the MML squad ... few from who's left. Shanky, Gargy ... and well that's it. Rest were all sidekicks. That actually brings me to the exciting thought regarding 'who's left'. Just recently, we all received an e-mail regarding a fuck who was a part of the 'MML' (so-called) and then sent a mail asking not to be a part of it. Well my first reaction was ... "Bitch ... noone asked you to be a part of anything in the first place. It was ur in-stincts/securities that led u to become a part o any group in the first place."
However, Instead of doing that ... I empathized ... I allowed the other's perspective to sink in. And then I realized that maybe it just ain't what it used to be. Maybe it was frail. Maybe, we don't believe in it enuff. Maybe, we're just waiting for someone to take a leap of faith ... and all that blah blah ...
2. Seecond thing i noticed without fail ... POVERTY !!! C'mon folks .. I've stayed in delhi, BBY, BLR, Jaipur, Ludhiana, Jalandhar .... and serriously ... the SHEER number of poor people I see in delhi is nowhere close to what I see anywhere else !!! I mean this time it was like the fuckin peakk o Mt. Fuckmemore ... I remember standing in my balcony and staring down at a beggar who was literally standing in no man's land ... and he had a cloth arnd his nose, and specs, and all the other rag tags .. and was begging for food.
He was begging for food from little kids and their dads who were burning money up in loud or colourful or high flying or "different" 'explosions'. ......... and noone paid any heed. Money was burnt up in paper shreds and smoke ... but noone gave him food.

He ambled by.

Kinda how we all become after a long time. Apathetic.

Anyhow, I'm towards the end 'o my post. And I think i've answered to all in with a question. Do Ya feel any different ? C'mon ... be honest ... I dare ya !

... Fake fuckin plastic trees !

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